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    Conjugate the Italian verb scaricare: indicative, congiuntivo, condizionale, io scarico; tu scarichi; lei/lui scarica; noi scarichiamo; voi scaricate; loro scaricano. Conjugation: scaricare, tables of all Italien verbs. Practice "scaricare" with the conjugation trainer. tu scarichi egli/ella scarica noi scarichiamo voi scaricate. coniugazione verbi italiani. Conjugation of have (Export PDF) Indicativo presente. io. scarico. tu. scarichi. lui/lei. scarica. noi. scarichiamo. voi. scaricate. loro. Conjugate the Italian verb scaricare in several modes, tenses, voices, numbers, Presente (Present). - scarica scarichi scarichiamo scaricate scarichino.

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    At least they allow guests. We believe there may be physiological aspects within your nervous system that allowed the enemy to communicate with you. I'm saying ther e have been medical advances that allow you people to work well into the f ourth or fifth trimester.

    E mentre guardavo in basso, nell'acqua oscura And as I looked down into the dark waters I imagined the life that we could have lived together, and I allowed bitterness Non permisi mai a Tom di dimenticarlo. You see neither of us wanted to wait three years until I could get a divorce on the grounds of desertion, so I allowed her to divorce me on the grounds of cruelty.

    Along the lines of Jerzy Grotowski's theater group. He allowed me to interview members of his group. Al limitare del crinale c'era un folto bosco, che permise alle truppe nordiste di avanzare e formare le linee sul Ferro di Mulo. The edge of the ridge was a dense thicket, which allowed the Northern troops to come in and form on the Mule Shoe.

    Al momento, tutto cio' che sapevo e' che ci era stato dato un pezzo chiave di programmazione McKay and his sister until much later. At the time, all I knew was that we'd been given a key piece of programming, something that allowed us to make a major breakthrough. Ci permise di credere che la sua morte fosse stata un incidente. She allowed us to believe her death was an accident.

    E ancora una cosa And one more thing. I think it's time I be allowed to work with you officially in the theater as your deputy chief of surgery.

    Se permetteste alla Milizia Reale di Onderon di assumere il controllo della sicurezza, i terroristi potrebbero fermarsi e scendere a compromessi. If you allowed the royal Onderon militia to assume control of security, the terrorists may stop and discuss terms. Voi permetteste al nemico di affiancarci e ci forzaste in una devastante ritirata. You allowed the enemy to flank us and forced us into a devastating retreat. Certo, gli permisero di mantenere il titolo di Imperatore Sure, they allowed him to keep the title of Emperor, but without any power, it was meaningless.

    I loro dei pagani permisero loro di comandare il mondo. Their pagan gods allowed them to rule the world. In principio resistemmo We resisted at first, we were stubborn, but the Wraith were determined. They showed us our futures. They allowed us to experience our life's end, pushing us to the brink so that we could see the truth, and brought us back In tempi successivi credo che gli artisti e gli scrittori permisero a sé stessi di vendersi nei mercati In latter times I think that artists and writers have allowed themselves to be sold down the river.

    Infine, i miei impegni mi permisero di accettare un invito. Finally, my schedule allowed me to accept an invitation. Surrender it to me, and I will allow your Enterprise to leave unharmed. In return for which I will allow you to live under my roof. And because I am also such I will allow you to always stand upright in my presence, providing head shall never be higher than mine.

    Elijah lies suffering, and I will allow you to help him. All you have to do is admit it. In cambio In return, I will allow the humans safe passage to find a new home. Me lo permetterai. You will allow me to. Se mi permetterai di rappresentare gli interessi della tua famiglia If you will allow me to represent your family's interests, I believe that an advantageous agreement-- "ll diagramma schematico ti permetterà di ricostruirne uno In trying to prove that, he will allow Hausner to dissect and expose that machine and its legacy, and WE will have it ALL on record.

    Everything the law will allow. I think I've finally found something that will allow me to say to them with confidence, Se le daranno tutto, permetteremo loro di partire per la Palestina. If you give everything will allow them to go to Palestine. E tra vent'anni, se questo bambino lo avra', le mie terapie geniche mi permetteranno di curarlo. And in 20 years,if these children develop it, my gene therapy treatments will allow me to cure it.

    Ci sono delle porte scorrevoli, che ti permetteranno di far passare il piano senza problemi. There are sliding doors, that will allow to pass the floor without problems. Io mi abbronzo facilmente. I get easily tanned. Samples of basic verb usage Loro abitano in campagna.

    They live in the Words and expressions countryside. Last year we lived in a abitazione abode, dwelling, habitation, small apartment. My friends still live with their parents. My sister lives casa di abitazione home, living place in Chicago. Honesty resides property dwells in his soul. These animals inhabit the hot regions. The alloggiare to take lodgings Basques inhabit the region of the Pyrenees. Loro abitarono in una casa lussuosa molti anni fa. They inhabited a luxury home many years ago.

    My heart lives in inhabits Italy.

    My abitare in un apartamento to live in an dreams inhabit my memory. I want to relive in the house of abitare presso amici to live with friends my youth. Vivere is the only verb used in expressions such as the following ones. They abitudine habit, custom, routine, pattern have become accustomed used to a new life. Mary, you have to get used to living alone. NOTE: For all reflexive verbs the past participle in compound tenses agrees with the gender and number of the subject.

    The agreement pattern is indicated only for the first occurrence of the past participle in the conjugation of a reflexive verb above: e. In all other cases and in other conjugations only the masculine forms are given for convenience. Certamente non si deve mai abusare della bontà di un amico.

    Yesterday accaduto event, occurrence a funny thing happened to me. I happened to run into her downtown. Accade spesso che la mia macchina si fermi. It happens often that my car stops. NOTE: This is an impersonal verb—a verb used only in the third person singular and plural. Therefore, for convenience, the other forms are omitted in the conjugation of such verbs. Impersonal verbs are conjugated with the auxiliary essere in compound tenses.

    Who lit those accendere un mutuo to get take out a candles? Le sue parole hanno acceso la passione in me. Her words lit me up with passion. NOTE: Other verbs conjugated like accendere are attendere to wait , dipendere to depend , offendere to offend , prendere to take , pretendere to demand , rendere to render , scendere to go down , sorprendere to surprise , spendere to spend , stendere to lay out , and tendere to tend. That theater can hold hundreds We must always welcome a friend to our of spectators.

    She welcomed accoglienza welcome, reception, hospitality us as friends. Will you meglio soli che male accompagnati one accompany me downtown? I will follow alone than badly accompanied you with my thoughts. That pianist knows how to accompany work with enjoyment accompany singers very well.

    Mark senza accorgersene without realizing was not aware of his mistake. I realized that every effort was useless. Caro amico, prima o poi te ne accorgerai!

    Dear friend, sooner or later you will understand! This movie is Mi si è addormentata la mano. My hand putting me to sleep. Lui si è addormentato di colpo.

    He fell la Bella Addormentata Sleeping Beauty asleep on the spot. Non bisogna mai addormentarsi sul lavoro. One should never fall asleep at work. I adore sports. Those devotion parents adore their children. Madonna Alexander adores classical music. Elvis Presley is still an entity of worship. The professor declared that he was un cantante affermato a well-known of Italian origin. She quickly affirmed that she was innocent.

    To go up safely you have to hold dream on to the railing. Il mio bambino mi afferra sempre per la manica. My child always holds on to my sleeve. Non ho afferrato quello che hai detto. He is afflicted by pain.

    We viso afflitto gloomy face are distressed to know about your situation. I am continually afflicted by headaches. NOTE: Another verb conjugated like affligere is infliggere to inflict. Lui mangia in fretta. He always eats in a Vi dovete affrettare a terminare il lavoro. You have to hurry up and finish the job. You have to hurry Lei ha sempre fretta. She is always in a up and go out. I in aggiunta in addition would like to add a note to the talk.

    NOTE: Other verbs conjugated like aggiungere are giungere to reach , congiungere to join , and raggiungere to catch up to. It also occurs in common phrases. Samples of basic verb usage Loro aiutano sempre i poveri. They always Words and expressions help the poor. Let me help you! The mother has always venire in aiuto di qualcuno to come to helped her son choose a school.

    This Aiuto! Non ti preoccupare. Ti aiuteremo noi. Fortune helps the I parenti si aiutano. Relatives help each bold, luck supports those who dare. God helps Le persone si aiutano nel bisogno. People those who help themselves. What are you referring allusione allusion, reference to?

    Questo è un libro ricco di allusioni Quella favola allude a condizioni umane. This is a book that is rich with That fable alludes to human conditions. La nostra insegnante allude spesso alla letteratura classica. Our teacher often refers to classical literature. NOTE: Other verbs conjugated like alludere are concludere to conclude , deludere to disappoint , eludere to elude, avoid , illudere to deceive , includere to include , and precludere to preclude, prevent. Raise your glass! Sono già le nove.

    Bruno, get I prezzi si alzano spesso. Prices are always up! Quando entra il giudice, dovete alzarvi. La luna si è già alzata. The moon has already When the judge enters, you have to get up. Non ho voglia di alzarmi presto. A strong wind is like getting up early.

    The accused ammesso, ma non concesso granted for the admitted everything. I will conceded not allow being ridiculed. I acknowledge that the problem is difficult. NOTE: This verb is composed with the verb mettere to put and is thus conjugated exactly like it. Everyone ammirazione admiration admires a work of art. Io ammiro il coraggio. I admire courage. It also occurs in many expressions and idioms. Samples of basic verb usage Loro vanno sempre in centro il sabato. Words and expressions They always go downtown on Saturdays.

    We went to the movies yesterday. Il mio orologio va avanti. My watch is fast. Dove vai, Sara? Where are you going, Sarah? Il tuo orologio, invece, va indietro. Loro vanno a letto presto. They go to bed Your watch, instead, is slow. Il motore non va.

    The exam went well. This Related verbs year bright colors are in style. Ti va un aperitivo? Do you feel like having an aperitif? Lei va pazza per i dolci. She goes crazy over sweets. Vado a Roma. Siamo andati a Firenze. We went to Florence. Va detto che questo è normale. Vogliamo andare in America tra breve. We want to go to America soon. When are you leaving? Your chatter noia boredom bores us.

    That boredom program bored everyone. Che noia! What a bore! Questo film mi annoia. This movie is bothering me. I rarely become mostrare una faccia annoiata to have a bored. Non ti devi mai annoiare! You should never be bored! They had to leave earlier than a sum of money they anticipated.

    The party was for rent moved forward. Avevo già anticipato le sue conclusioni. I had already anticipated his conclusions. Who set the apparecchiatura set of devices, equipment table?

    The moon has already apparenza appearance come out appeared. Appearances can be La sua intelligenza appare palese a tutti. His intelligence is clear to everyone.

    That book Avrai quello che ti appartiene. You will get belongs to the gentleman. Noi apparteniamo a un sindacato.

    Lui ha fatto quello che gli apparteneva. We belong to a labor union. He did what he had to do. This region belongs to Italy. NOTE: This verb is composed with the verb tenere to hold, to keep and is thus conjugated exactly like it. I finally apprendimento learning understood the lecture. I have to learn to have a great capacity for learning how to swim.

    Ho appreso che sei stato promosso. I heard that you got promoted. NOTE: This verb is composed with the verb prendere to take and is thus conjugated exactly like it. Samples of basic verb usage Marco, apri la porta! Mark, open the door! Words and expressions Devo aprire la bottiglia.

    I have to open the related to this verb bottle. There is a what is going on break in the clouds literally The clouds are opening up.

    The roses are blossoming. The fire is burning. La campagna arde al sole. The countryside Oggi il sole arde troppo. Today the sun is becomes scorched in the sun. Love burns in La fronte mi arde.

    My forehead is burning. NOTE: When intransitive, ardere is conjugated with essere. Two other verbs conjugated like ardere are: mordere to bite and perdere to lose.

    They are fremere dalla rabbia to shake with anger easily angered. Lei si arrabbia di rado. She rarely gets angry.

    They arrested arresto arrest, stoppage the thief yesterday. Why did stoppage delay they interrupt the game? My watch is stopped. Samples of basic verb usage Quando sono arrivati? When did they Words and expressions arrive? If you wait, opportunity will knock arrive. At what time are they arriving? The storm is arrivare in fondo a qualcosa to get to approaching arriving.

    I have just Lui è una persona arrivata. He is a arrived from Rome. He met with great fortune. Chi tardi arriva, male alloggia. By wasting time you obtain nothing literally Whoever arrives late, will have bad lodging. Se si tratta di matematica, non ci arrivo facilmente. When it comes to mathematics, I usually do not get it. My grandfather reached ninety years of age.

    They reached joined us a little while ago. Lui ha raggiunto il suo limite. He has arrived at reached his limit. Who dried the asciugare le lacrime a qualcuno to comfort dishes? The wind dried asciugare le tasche di qualcuno to pick the clothes.

    The road dried up right after the storm. Samples of basic verb usage Chi aspetti? Who are you waiting for? I wait for related to this verb the bus every day. I am waiting literally to be waiting for a child for a phone call. Wait for unrealistic expectations your turn, sir!

    Chi ha tempo non aspetti tempo. Do not put things off literally Whoever Related words has time should not wait for time.

    Cosa aspetti? What do you expect? Do things while you can. What goes around, comes around literally If you you do something to others, expect that the same will happen to you. It was inevitable! Did you taste far assaggiare i pugni a qualcuno to hit the spaghetti? The essere assaliti dalle richieste to be audience attacked the speaker. I am beset by doubt. My aunt Hanno assaltato la banca ieri. They is often overcome by melancholy.

    NOTE: This verb is conjugated exactly like salire to climb. Lui assiste sempre gli ammalati. He always Did you also attend the lecture? I am backed by an excellent lawyer. I attended Mass. La Madonna fu assunta in cielo. The Sono stata assunta da quella banca. I was Madonna was taken up to Heaven.

    Lui assumerà il titolo di professore tra breve. He will take on the title of professor shortly. NOTE: This verb is conjugated exactly like presumere to presume and riassumere to summarize. I will wait for you at attese le circostanze given the circumstances the stop. Who is Mary spettacolo. We are anxiously awaiting the waiting for? Attenda, prego! Wait, please! NOTE: Other verbs conjugated like attendere are accendere to light , dipendere to depend , offendere to offend , prendere to take , pretendere to demand , rendere to render , scendere to go down , sorprendere to surprise , spendere to spend , stendere to lay out , and tendere to tend.

    They conferred the Lui ha molti attributi. He has many good Nobel Prize on an American writer. Loro attribuiscono sempre la colpa ad altri. Le colombe sono attributi di Venere. Doves They always assign blame to others. Quel quadro è attribuito a Raffaello. That painting is attributed credited to Raphael.

    Samples of basic verb usage Non ho tempo per questo.

    I do not have time Words and expressions for this. How many kids do they have? They have a thirsty, sleepy, in a hurry, hot, cold, big car. They must have a lot Io ho molta fame adesso. I am very of money. Lei ha sempre freddo. She is always cold. Quanti anni hai? How old are you literally How many years do you have? Ho trentaquattro anni. I am thirty- four years old.

    Tables of Regular Italian Verb Endings

    They realized that they had erred. Ho sbagliato senza avvedermene. I erred without realizing it. NOTE: This verb is made up with vedere to see and is thus conjugated exactly like it. Quelle cose avvennero quando ero bambino.

    We Spesso avviene che loro sono in ritardo. NOTE: Like all impersonal verbs, avvenire is used usually in the third person singular and plural. For convenience, the other forms are omitted here. This verb is composed with venire to come and, thus, is conjugated exactly like it.

    I wish to inform you that the class is cancelled. Ti avevo avvisato di non mentire. I had warned you not to lie. They always kiss bacio kiss each other. My sister Quando il gatto manca i topi ballano. When really likes to dance.


    Lei balla molto bene. She dances very well. The Io ballo goffamente. I dance awkwardly. The priest andare a farsi benedire to tell someone off, blessed their home. May God bless them! NOTE: This verb is composed with the verb dire to tell, to say and is, thus, conjugated exactly like it. Samples of basic verb usage Lei beve molta acqua ogni giorno. She Words and expressions drinks a lot of water every day.

    Star Languages

    Mark, what are you drinking? He always drinks from the bottle. La nostra macchina beve molta benzina. Our car is a gas-guzzler literally Our car drinks a lot of gas Il mio amico beve come una spugna. My friend drinks like a fish literally a sponge Non bevo le tue fandonie. Her husband is a heavy drinker.

    It is Non bisogna fumare! Bisognava che tu mi chiamassi ieri. It was Non bisogna fare queste cose! It will be do those things! All impersonal verbs are conjugated with the auxiliary essere in compound tenses. This verb takes the subjunctive in dependent clauses: Bisogna che venga anche lui. It is necessary that he also come. They closed off that road on account avere un blocco to have a mental block of road repairs. A bad cold put me out of commission for a week.

    The Parliament rejected that bill. The bocciatura a una prova a una campagna director rejected the plan. They failed campaign me at the exam. Le uova stanno bollendo da qualche minuto. I burned my Si è bruciato da giovane. He got burned hand. The roast is burned. Io mi sono bruciato stirando. I burned É facile bruciarsi in politica. They always burla practical joke make fun of us.

    They laughed at the naïve spectators. Who knocked on bussare a quattrini to demand money the door? I due amici si sono bussati di santa ragione. Devi bussare più forte. You must knock more The two friends really knocked each loudly. Prima di entrare si deve bussare.

    One must knock before entering. They threw buttarsi nel fuoco per qualcuno to do themselves into their studies. Yesterday, I threw myself on the bed from tiredness.

    Samples of basic verb usage Ieri sono caduta mentre camminavo. Words and expressions Yesterday I fell while I was walking. The old house finally collapsed. The government la caduta del governo the fall of the tumbled down. This year Christmas falls on a Sunday. Cade la notte. Night is falling.

    Le cose belle non cadono mai dal cielo. One has to earn the good things of life literally Nice things never fall from the sky.

    Did you calcolare le parole to choose your words calculate the height of the room? Do you Ti calcolo tra i miei migliori amici. I count know how to calculate the distance? Mark, calm down take it calma calm, peace, tranquility easy!

    There is Mi calmai subito dopo aver bevuto il caffè. I calmed down right after drinking the coffee. The sea has calmed Calma! Cool it! Il mal di testa si è calmato. My headache has gotten better.

    We cambiare le carte in tavola to change have to change dollars into euros. Last on the table year we moved we changed house. He changes his mind often. Samples of basic verb usage Ieri abbiamo camminato tutta la giornata.

    Words and expressions We walked all day yesterday. When we go to Italy, we will andare a piedi to go on foot walk everywhere. Conditional mood io scaricherei tu scaricheresti lui, lei scaricherebbe noi scaricheremmo voi scarichereste loro scaricherebbero.

    Imperative mood tu scarica lui, lei scarichi noi scarichiamo voi scaricate loro scarichino. Translations Catalan descarregar English to download; to unload Spanish descargar French décharger ; télécharger Portuguese descarregar.

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