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    After moving to Milan , he has worked extensively as a dialect singer and comic in various local TV stations. In particular, "Gaccia ad'avè", cover in Bari dialect of the famous "I gotcha" by Joe Tex , anticipates what will be the modus operandi of the Apulian singer in the nineties: make an English song of success and replace its text with text demented in Italian or in Apulian.

    In later years he published several albums, both as the "Leone di Lernia and his new rock band", both as a soloist. Most of these records were published by Duck Records, a small label of Trezzano sul Naviglio , but were not particularly successful with the public. The Success[ edit ] In the s, the popularity finally arrived at the national level through participation in the program at Radio Monte Carlo "Fausto Terenzi Show" along with Fausto Terenzi and Paolo Dini and the two discs in the series Barhouse in which to be reinterpreted in his usual mix are the dancefloor hits of the moment.

    Leone, in addition to broadcast his songs, he also performs in skits spoken, making many of its catchphrases true exclamations.


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